Founded in 2016 is the place to go to have a good time, all while being beautified energy is always high but safe, has fanatics drinks, girl talk, guy talk, anything you want to talk about, we are all ears the best thing about Priscilla's Palace nothing leaves this Palace.

Here at Priscilla's Palace, we offer hair, nails, pedicure, and make-up appointments. Shop our online store for clothes, glitter, nail products, shoes, gym attire, and more. 

We have a weight loss journey page on Instagram @CILLAGOTTHEJUICE (Name original came from Priscilla's custom-made organic juices will be coming back soon!) Join the party and use our code! CILLA20.
Priscilla's Palace we have also started our Chapter of (Operation Save the Streets: Priscilla's Mission ) to learn more, please visit https://www.operationsavethestreets.com/ 
we are so aesthetic to be apart of such a great cause and taking the streets one family at a time. If you would like to (click>)  


Priscilla Walker

Priscilla is a 29-year-old entrepreneur woman, Born February 14th and raised in New Jersey. Priscilla and her family relocated to Texas after 9/11.

She is a Cosmetologist that has extended her business to more than just the BEAUTY WORLD. 

Priscilla has always been fast pace gal, passionate about helping and given to those in need.

Priscilla is astonishing because she took her pain and failures made them her motivation to create Priscilla's Palace. She stands tall every day and puts everything she has into her company. It may be small, but with her behind it, it's mighty! She continues to grow as a brand and learn new things to help with her knowledge. For both her and the clients and customers. 


Priscilla's ultimate goal is to bring everybody together as a unit. Most importantly, to be a safe place for women to express themselves freely, enhance their beauty, help them empower them to be sturdy, independent, and fighters that can do all things. She does not want women or anyone to limit themselves. she will help you " SLAYY AND RIP THAT RUNWAY HONETY!" YAASSS QUEEN, BUT SHE WILL FIRST UPLIFT YOUR SPIRT.